Sylvain Piat

Sylvain Piat

Sylvain Piat joined CISAC in January 2015 as Director of Business, which includes Governance and Professional Rules implementation and monitoring aspects for the whole CISAC membership, in close cooperation with the Regional Directors. He is responsible for the organisation of the CISAC Technical Committees (Business, Media and DLV).

Piat had already worked 13 years at CISAC, initiating the Common Information System Plan, before joining SACEM in 2011 as Head of International Projects, with a specific focus on the digital environment and the development of the Armonia initiative. Sylvain Piat graduated from the Ecole Centrale de Paris.

Jessica Sänger

Dr. Jessica Sänger is a lawyer and currently Director for European and International Affairs at Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, the German Publishers and Booksellers Association. From 2008 until 2016, she was Legal Counsel and (from 2011) Deputy Head of the Legal Department of Börsenverein, where she was in charge of European and international lobbying for publishers. She studied Law at Exeter (U.K.) and Mainz (Germany) and completed her First (2003) and Second (2005) State Examinations in Law in Mainz, completing her Doctorate in 2014. In 2005, she was a trainee case handler at the Media Unit of DG Competition in the European Commission. Before joining Börsenverein, Ms. Sänger was manager of the postgraduate LL.M programme in Media Law at Mainzer Medieninstitut and Research Assistant to Professor Dörr at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität in Mainz (2005-2008). During this time, she was visiting lecturer at Louisville (USA) and Bristol (U.K.) law schools, lecturing on Constitutional Law, Free Speech, Law of Broadcasting and the Press, and Copyright.

Mario Pena

Mario Pena, Product Manager at Safe Creative is a former computer technician. He’s open culture and free speech advocate with over 15 year experience in copyright issues. Also likes takes pictures to share with them mostly with Creative Commons licenses.

He’s in charge of Safe Creative and Safe Stamper’s online strategy, partnership programming and business development.

He has given lectures at the MIT in Boston about online registries, at the Communia Event in Amsterdam together and is a frequent lecturer in other events about copyright issues and digital content related business models, such as the Digital Content Distribution Workshop by Erich Pommer Institute, the Open Video Conference NY, the first Semantic Copyright conference or the Conference of Independent Journalism, the Library of the European Parliament about consumers and artists needs in the digital and advises at the Mapping the Internet UE project. Has been speaker at the 2011 TEDx PlazaCibeles about education and open culture in the classrooms.

As a former P.R. at International Film Festivals, CEO of and Chief of the Research and Development dept. at and online media business expert is interested in new ways of create exceptions, licensing opportunities and the challenges the digital paradigm brings to the economies of scarcity and abundance alike.

Kirsten Sandberg

Kirsten Sandberg is a huge reader of history and science fiction. She is currently editor-in-chief of the Blockchain Research Institute, where she is responsible for publishing the practical insights of blockchain pioneers across industries and managerial functions. She is also an adjunct faculty member of the graduate publishing program at Pace University, where she teaches such courses as the legal aspects of publishing, and she regularly co-directs executive training for China’s largest publishers. Kirsten focuses on emerging markets, disruptive technologies, and the management of digital transformation. For over a decade, she was an executive editor specializing in finance, marketing, and strategy at Harvard Business School Publishing. She held editorial positions at HarperCollins in educational and trade publishing. She can be reached through Twitter @kikisandberg or LinkedIn.

Céline Moille

Lawyer and partner at the international law firm Yellaw (, as well as Ph.D in private international law, Céline Moille is today at the heart of her firm’s FinTech/LegalTech/Blockchain department. For many years, Céline has also been a lecturer at the University of Lyon. Convinced that LegalTech is will be the best way to bring legal support to corporations, Céline was one of the founding members of Dodo Bank ( in 2017. Céline is well known for her knowledge of legal issues relating to blockchain/cryptocurrencies. She regularly participates in national and international conferences as a speaker, as well as contributing to the field of blockchain studies through publications and collaborations. Lawyers indeed have a central place in this new ecosystem, as neither the general public nor political or legal institutions are entirely at ease with blockchain and its specificities.The legal framework for this field is not yet perfectly established and risks already exist, making legal expertise essential.

Sebastian Posth

Sebastian is an entrepreneur and consultant in the publishing industry with a focus on blockchain technology, digital innovation, data analytics and market research.

As a entrepreneur and consultant, Sebastian has been working for many years to transform innovative technology into valuable and useful products, services and tools for the publishing industry; with the personal ambition to support media companies in developing and implementing a digital business model that suits their needs and helps them grow their digital business.

Rana DiOrio

Rana DiOrio is an intrepid force for empowerment and positive change. As a corporate and securities attorney, tech-sector investment banker, angel investor, and advisory board member, Rana has guided the development of strategy and catalyzed the financial, operational, and cultural growth of organizations for 28 years.

As an award-winning author and children’s media entrepreneur, she has helped to define the current zeitgeist in children’s literature and has had a positive impact on many children and their caring adults. Now as CEO of Creative Mint, Inc., she is focused on launching and accelerating the growth of purpose-driven brands and helping creatives to realize the full potential of their work.

Rana is a graduate of Duke University (AB, with honors, 1988) and Vanderbilt University School of Law (JD, 1991). She is based in San Francisco, CA.

Nermina Mumic

Nermina Mumic is a data scientist, CEO and founder of LEGITARY. As a researcher of Statistics and Machine Learning at Vienna University of Technology, she pursues her PhD on Big Data analysis and pattern recognition in streaming data. As a result she developed and patented an algorithm for fraud detection in streaming data. It enables music labels, artists and their managements to audit royalties arising from online music streaming, as it detects and locates anomalies in revenues and estimates the underlying deficits. Earlier this year she founded the tech-startup [company name], bringing this software solution to the digital music market to enhance transparency in the industry.

Beforehand, she graduated with honors from Vienna University of Technology with a master’s degree in Technical Mathematics, with a specialization in Mathematics in Economics and Statistics. After her master studies she gained profound experience as data scientist in one of the leading global IT consulting companies, developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for various industry applications.

Wolfgang Senges

Wolfgang Senges advises clients in music and technology with a strong and critical focus on blockchain and metadata. In particular, he’s analyzing the evolution of technology and its impact on the music industry.
He is one of the co-founders of the German Blockchain and Metadata Working Group. Currently, he is preparing a Franco-German Blockathon in Cologne.
In addition to his consulting activities, Wolfgang is a curator and lecturer. He has held the role of the co-managing director of the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE), which he co-founded. His roots lie in machine learning, and since the mid-1990s he has been involved in the generation and processing of metadata in media asset management.
In the course of his activities, he worked with artists such as Imogen Heap, Marillion, Martin Atkins, Amanda Palmer, Ingrid Chavez, Zoe Leela, Luci van Org and others.


Mick Hayes

Mick leads the development, launch and life-cycle management of all products and services within ICE and has been at ICE since 2012 where he was a Consultant for ICE on the Global Repertoire Database (GRD) project. Mick has worked for nearly thirty years in the music rights industry as an independent consultant, a founder of Rightscom, and as an IT Project Manager for Cap Gemini and MCPS-PRS. Prior to this Mick worked for over five years at PRS on several key industry projects and at ASCAP for four years leading the Requirement engineering for their PREP system, which included systems for Copyright, Membership, Usage, Distribution and Royalty Payments. At MCPS-PRS, Mick developed and implemented MCPS-PRS’ core mechanical licensing systems for physical media and broadcast usage

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