2021 Agenda


*Schedule and speakers are subject to change
Day 1
14 Sep 2021

View from the Top: Deals and Dealmaking for the New Normal

The Great Covid Lockdown of 2020 sparked or accelerated adoption of new monetization strategies and new licensing models, from live-streamed concerts and virtual events, to direct-to-digital movie releases and dynamic...
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Paying for News: Who Should Get Paid, and How?

From Australia to Europe to the U.S., lawmakers and regulators are taking steps to encourage or require technology platforms to negotiate license and payment terms with news publishers for the...
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Turning Copyrights into Cash: Trends in Rights-based Finance

Investors continue to pour money into music publishing catalogs and other rights-based assets, but is selling out the only way for authors and artists to turn their copyrights into cash?...
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Day 2
15 Sep 2021

Content Identification, Filtering and Article 17: A Status Report

Article 17 of the European Union’s Copyright Directive is now in effect, requiring UGC platforms to identify, attribute, and in some cases, block copyrighted content uploaded by their users. How...
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Building a Better Payment Pipeline for Royalties and Residuals

The path from a user clicking ‘play’ to a rights owner, creator or investor getting paid can be long and winding, and often difficult to retrace. How new tools and...
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Blockchain 2.0: Will This Time be Different?

From NFTs, to real-world rights-management and payment platforms, the blockchain buzz is back. What’s different this time? What lessons have been learned? Will the reality match the hype?