Ned Sherman

Counsel/Director, Manatt Digital
Founder, Digital Media Wire

Paul Sweeting

Concurrent Media,
Editor & Co-Chair,

Vaughn Mckenzie-Landell

CEO & Co-Founder,


Day 1
09 Apr 2019

Welcome & Opening Remarks


Paul Sweeting, CEO, Concurrent Media, Editor & Co-Chair, RightsTech
Ned Sherman, Counsel/Director, Manatt Digital, Founder, Digital Media Wire

Paul Sweeting
Ned Sherman

Panel: Toward A Global View Of Rights

Like most forms of commerce today, the business of buying, selling, and licensing of rights is increasingly a global enterprise. But global commerce requires global intelligence. What is needed to achieve a global view of rights? How are different sectors of the media industry addressing the challenge? How are those efforts progressing?


Vaughn Mckenzie-Landell, CEO & Co-Founder, JAAK

Vaughn Mckenzie-Landell

Panel: The Enumerated Manuscript: Turning Names Into Numbers

Accurately and unambiguously identifying individual creative works and their attributes is critical to tracking their usage and availability on digital platforms. From metadata standards to globally unique identifiers, how are different media sectors meeting the challenge of turning ad hoc lists of names and titles into consistent, machine-readable code?

3:00 pm-3:30 pm


Panel: What’s it Worth? Investing in Rights and Royalties

From securitized royalty streams to rights-tech M&A, rights an rights management are attracting growing interest from investors. What’s driving it? Which sectors are attracting capital? Can rights and royalties become a viable asset class?

Panel: One of a Kind: Recreating Scarcity In The Digital Age

Digital technology turned scarcity into abundance, turning media economics on its head. But new technologies such as blockchain and smart contracts are reintroducing the concept of scarcity to digital assets. Can the economics of scarcity make a comeback?

5:30 pm-6:30 pm


Day 2
10 Apr 2019

Panel: Copyright In The Digital Single Market

Assessing the impact of the EU Copyright Directive, in Europe and beyond

Panel: The Future Of Collective Rights Management

What is the future of collective rights management and CMOs in an era of multi-territorial licensing and growing demands for transparency and privacy?

11:00 am-11:30 am


Panel: Provenance, Authentication & Registration

From cloud computing to blockchain, technology is making it easier to register authorship and ownership, and to track the provenance and authenticity of creative works and collectibles. How and where are those capabilities being utilized? What is their impact on asset values and prices?

12:45 pm-2:00 pm


Panel: Publishing On The Blockchain

Blockchain is a hot topic in the worlds of music, fine arts, and collectibles, but the publishing business has just begun to explore its possibilities. What could blockchain do for book and journal publishers? How could it impact authors?

Panel: Managing Open Access

From scholarly and scientific research to museum collectives and archives the open-access movement is transforming how many types of information is published and made available. But “open access” can mean different things in different contexts. How are publishers, institutions and organizations meeting the technical and legal challenges to managing the different flavors of open access?

3:30 pm-4:00 pm


Panel: What to Make Of Machine-Made Art

From painting to music and journalism works created all or in part by algorithm are increasingly entering the stream of commerce. But who (or what) is their author? Who is entitled to offer them for sale or license? Examining the increasingly urgent legal questions around machine-made art.

5:15 pm-6:15 pm


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